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    Console & Partners is pleased to present CLUB IMPRESE ITALIA which was set up to become the meeting point for companies regularly established and registered in the Local Business Register.


    C&P meeting: New infrastructure Investments in Capitanata and internationalization of business

    On 20th and 21st June 2018 the "Console & Partners" in collaboration with Ing. Sergio Priore (from the association Banca del Sole) organizes in San Severo (Foggia), a meeting by the title "New infrastructure Investments in Capitanata and internationalization of business", a unique event in Puglia where to talk about investments and projects is in the field of infrastructures, agri-food and tourism. One of the main themes will be the Eco Park of Poggio Imperiale, (which will be one of the [...]


    The c&p fourth italian office opens in Treviso

    December 2013 Console & Partners opens it’s office in Treviso, Italy. This is the fourth office in Italy, with Turin, Rome and Milan.


    Console & Partners changes location

    Console & Partners changes location, moving in the prestigious location, former regional head-office of a weel-knownk Italian bank, in Corso Galileo Ferraris 50, Turin.