• Club Imprese Italia

  • Club Imprese Italia, created to be the meeting point for companies regularly established and registered in the Local Business Register; wants to offer its members precise tools to improve commercial visibility, entrepreneurial and managerial skills: from consulting to scouting activities, from commercial missions to purchasing conventions, from finance to marketing, from promoting corporate social responsibility to all areas of interest of companies that favor development and innovation.

    Business participation is an important resource for understanding problems, determining interventions and helping to improve the wealth of the territory to which they belong.


    Club Imprese Italia, with the intention of promoting territorial collaboration between member companies and - where appropriate - also agreements for services and goods to facilitate the use of suppliers at the best conditions available on the market, has already signed, to date, some conventions, for associates, with:

    • Banking institutions
    • Professional Studies
    • Company service companies
    • Hotels
  • Advantages

    • Conferences and meetings with specialized professionals, institutional and private investors.
    • Meetings and road shows with Foreign Partners and Private Equity Funds
    • Exclusive advice, individual relationship and support in critical situations
    • Reputation and International Relations
    • Meetings and exchange of experiences
    • Information on access to credit and guarantees
    • Financial and Insurance Consulting
    • Tools to enhance entrepreneurial skills
    • Creation of collaborations among the associates identifying the best possible synergies
    • Monthly Newsletters
  • Services to the companeis

    Structured finance

    Ci occupiamo di trovare per voi la soluzione più adeguata alle vostre esigenze tramite canali extra-bancari, come cartolarizzazione, joint venture garanzie e finanziamenti esteri.

    Documentation analysis

    Our analysts will take care of analyzing your documentation and preparing an initial financial assessment of the company.

    Calls and subsidies

    News letters and periodic updates on tenders and facilitation in the territory.
    We select the best projects to present to our partners to obtain the necessary funding.

    Internationalization & relocation

    We support companies to open new foreign markets by establishing relationships with other companies, consumers and institutions operating in those sectors in order to sell, produce, buy or find new sources of financing.

    Club deals and events

    We organize events with institutional and private investors where companies can present their projects. Every year the best project will be chosen and presented in an international road show.

    Private Equity, Venture Capital & Crowdfunding

    We structure operations from institutional investors in both start-up and consolidated companies that need financial partners to develop projects or to implement a corporate restructuring.