• Services


    • Raising new debt financing
    • Reset of existing debt
    • Debt restructuring within bankruptcy law procedures
    • Management of the work out
    • NPLs disposals
    • Short term credit lines
    • Medium and long term credit lines
    • Project finance


    • IPOs
    • Capital increases
    • Specialist
    • Private placements

    • Corporate assessment
    • Partners research (financial and/or strategic partners) and business alliances
    • Business planning
    • Transaction on the regulated exchanges



    Support and implementation of the entry strategy in new markets, search for strategic partners, search for business opportunities, institutional relations, relocations, assistance with international financial transactions through institutions and guarantee institutions (SACE, SIMEST, ICE), legal assistance with contracts and corporate law, tax advice. 



    Console & Partners, thanks to its network of collaborations, offers a wide range of support and consulting services that cover every managerial issues of equity, economic, financial, administrative / tax, organizational and of the personnel:

    • Assistance to the creation of new companies
      Coordination and assistance to the promoters / founders members of new companies, providing them with all the necessary information to make choices based on the type of society, on the model, organizational and control structure.
    • Administrative, accounting and tax advisory
      Coordination and assistance in the preparation of the accounts, in the preparation and submission of annual reports, the compilation of periodic and annual returns, in matters concerning direct and indirect taxes, as well as in the defense in tax disputes at various levels.
    • Corporate and contractual consultancy
      Assistance and advisory concerning corporate and commercial contracts legislation, with a focus on issues pertaining to the establishment of new companies, drafting terms of reference, the identification of the administration and system control, the functioning of the corporate bodies, the complete management of relations with shareholders.
    • Consultancy services relating to employment matters
      Coordination and assistance in the complete management of labor relations (employees, partners, participating associates and administrators, etc.), processing of payroll, in individual disputes, pension disputes and extraordinary corporate transactions advisory.
    • Corporate restructuring
      Coordination and assistance in the defining reorganization projects, defining merger operations, demergers, transformations, transfers, sales, evaluations of investments and / or companies.

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Demergers/spin-offs
    • Public Tender Offers
    • Business value appraisals/fairness opinions
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Corporate finance/capital structure advice